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Another Oatmeal Cookie

Amethesto wanted cookies this week so I asked if we should buy some or make them. The answer was a resounding vote for making cookies. She wanted chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. Hagbard wanted butterscotch chips in the cookies. So we decided to do some of both.
I have a confusing amount of oatmeal cookie recipes including pumpkin oatmeal and Snorlax’s chocolate chip oatmeal cookies (from Amethesto’s hardcore Pokemon phase). The Quaker Oats container had a recipe under the lid so I decided to just try that and replace raisins with the chips.
After mixing up the dough, I divided it into two bowls and stirred the different flavored chips into each bowl. I got  3 dozen cookies that are about 2″ to 2 1/2″ across from this recipe.
The cookies seem crisp and I really noticed the cinnamon. I think my preference is the butterscotch chips. Amethesto snagged a couple of the chocolate chip and went away so I guess they may really be vanishing cookies.
Here is a bad picture of cookie making:


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