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Meal Planning: Meatless May

on April 27, 2016

It is 2:42 AM. It has been pouring rain all night and I’m awake making sure my basement doesn’t flood. Since I am up I decided to tackle meal planning for next month. We decided as a family to have meatless dinners in May even though we are not vegetarians. Just an experiment to see what it does to our budget and also to show Amethesto that there are lots of meatless meal options that are not weird or boring.
I started by making a list of meatless dishes we already have had and adding a few new things. Amethesto is very anti-tofu and I’m not really a fan of it either so no tofu dishes. My next step was to decide a few categories or themes like breakfast for dinner, soup, pasta, rice. That helps to narrow down the choices as I can quickly find 4 dishes to fit those catergories. Then I just fill in the rest.

Here are my 28 dinners for May:

1. Eggs, hashbrowns, fruit
2. Black bean and rice soup
3. Stuffed shells, salad
4. Cheesy broccoli rice casserole
5. Mexican pizza
6. Batsaria
7. Vegetarian shepherd’s pie
8. Baked strawberry cheesecake oatmeal
9. Lentil soup, bread
10. Baked spaghetti olivetti
11. Black bean empanadas, salad
12. Falafel, Greek rice
13. Mac & cheese, green beans
14. Tator tot nachos
15. Pancakes, fruit
16. Tomato soup , grilled cheese sandwich
17. Broccoli bowtie pesto pasta, garlic bread
18. Beans and rice, cornbread
19. Lasagna zucchini boats
20. Greek potato, zucchini and bean stew
21. Coconut rice, veggie eggrolls
22. Coco wheats, fruit
23. Cheese soup, beer bread
24. Tortellini, salad
25. Veggie burgers, baked potato
26. Cheese ravioli, broccoli and mushrooms
27. Mujaddara, salad
28. Taco casserole

Some recipes originally had meat but I am leaving it out or replacing it with something like beans.

Recipes and details to be posted as we have things. Check back throughout the month!

4 responses to “Meal Planning: Meatless May

  1. harliequin says:

    This is really cool! Found your blog from a forum post on MFP.

    What would be even MORE awesome is if these items had links to the recipes themselves!

    This is so great!!!

    • Lounmoun says:

      I’m glad you like it and that is a valid point about putting recipe links in the meal plan posts. I haven’t done it yet because it is more time consuming but I’ll keep it in mind.

      • harliequin says:

        True, I totally understand. Do you ever repeat meals? It seems like if you start adding links and then re-use the same meal ideas, you could just copy/paste instead of having to do it from scratch in the future.

      • Lounmoun says:

        Thanks for the idea. You can search my blog and see if I have posted about a particular recipe already.

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