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April 2016- Dinner Plans

on March 24, 2016

I’ve been working on my meal plans for April. This time Amethesto is supposed to cook a couple of our meals so I had her select some things she wanted to make. She chose grilled ham & cheese sandwiches, spaghetti and meatballs, and chili with homemade cheesy crackers. She isn’t very interested in cooking but I feel it is important for everyone to know how to cook something for themselves. She chose some very basic things that she has eaten many times before which I think is great for a beginner cook to do.

Some of these 28 meals will be completely new to us and some are old standards.

  1. French bread pizza, salad
  2. Fassolatha, bread
  3. Sausage alfredo bake, salad
  4. Chicken fajitas, seasoned rice
  5. Veggie burgers, pasta salad, fruit
  6. Stir fry, rice
  7. Buffalo chicken penne pasta, broccoli
  8. Mini calzones, salad
  9. Potato soup, bread
  10. Grilled ham & cheese sandwiches, roasted potato slices
  11. Fish, hasselback potatoes, corn
  12. Chicken & biscuit casserole
  13. Ravioli, zucchini
  14. Big salad, fruit crisp
  15. Mexican pizza, fruit
  16. Slow cooker chicken & dumplings, salad
  17. Asian chicken wraps, rice
  18. Pan roasted pork chops, potatoes and green beans
  19. Eggs, sweet potato fritters, fruit
  20. Potato and sausage goulash
  21. Spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread
  22. Pizza quesadillas, salad
  23. Chili, cheese star crackers
  24. Chicago dogs, French fries
  25. Chicken tacos, Spanish rice
  26. Scalloped potatoes and ham, green beans
  27. Beans and rice, cherry hand pies
  28. Stuffed bread, salad

A couple of themes are: soup, pizza in different forms, casseroles, wraps or sandwiches.  I wanted to use my slow cooker a few times. I’m trying to think of more interesting side dishes but feel that is a weak point for me. I just default to salad when I can’t think of anything!

Check the blog throughout the month for recipes and details.

Previous months meal plans:

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