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Emergency Meal From The Freezer

on March 20, 2016

Today’s planned meal was fassolatha, a wonderful Greek bean soup. I’m not feeling well and have been struggling to work on a sewing project intended as a gift for Amethesto’s rapidly approaching birthday today. I’m just not getting stuff done.
Poking around in the freezer I saw two glorious containers of frozen minestrone soup. Yes! This kind of day is why I make soup once a week and freeze leftovers.
I thawed the soup blocks enough to get them out and dumped them in the pot on the stove over medium heat to slowly warm while I huddle miserably in a chair with drippy nose and headache waiting for medicine to kick in. I’ll stir it in a bit. Minimal effort for homemade food.
Try to keep something like this in your freezer for those days you don’t have time to prepare food, are sick or just not feeling like cooking. Many foods freeze well.

From my home to yours,

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